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Timeless Summer Pieces

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Summer & Winter are the two seasons where I care about what fabrics I'm wearing.

Top fabrics to keep you cool for summer:

  • cotton

  • linen

  • merino wool

  • rayon: blend of silk, wool, cotton and linen

This outfit is made out of safe choices with material made to keep you cool that can be styled in so many different ways. I like the majority of my clothes to be timeless and then have some edgy pieces that spices it up.

The navy high waisted shorts I bought from Zara in Monaco last summer. The sweater is from Joie Clothing which comes with a bigger price tag but they always have amazing sales (I'm talking 70% off) that are worth keeping an eye up. The layered necklaces, bracelets and rings adds some personality to the outfit.

I've linked some dupes of my clothes below as these are last season's :( Sorry!

Dupes of white summer sweats:

Dupes of white tanks/tube tops for summer:

Dupes of shorts & necklaces:


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