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5 Benefits of Moving

Moving is a big word that also means a lot of change. Change is a constant.

Moving isn't easy, it isn't straight forward, there's no right/wrong formula, but there are lessons you learn each time that you can take for the next time. Here are some of the lessons I've learned.

  1. Call your internet provider as soon as you have a move in date and pay for the overlap if they'll allow you. We had no internet for 3 days because we couldn't get in their schedule

  2. Also, purchase your mattress and account for shipping delays (especially with COVID). Ours took an extra 10 days to come

  3. The couch will most likely trigger a couple of arguments

  4. Try to align your moving dates near holidays so you can take advantage of sales

  5. Purchase two sets of cutlery (having 8 of each utensils)

Now moving to the best part, the benefits of moving! These are some of the things that I've been looking forward to for a long time.

  1. Purging: getting rid of the stuff you kind of always wanted to get rid of but didn't have the heart to, but now you have a good reason to do it. If I don't remember where something came from or have an emotional memory to it, I donate it.

  2. Start with fresh, clean slate. This also means with your cleaning products. I've always wanted to purchase products according to how toxic they are to my environment, how they affect life after they go down the drain, how they affect my clothes. See a list of cleaning products I've been using below

  3. To go a bit further with my point above, this also meant being able to purchase fresh 100% organic cotton sheets and towels. This was so important to me, especially with my sensitive skin.

  4. Starting a new routine in a new space. Since everything is new, it can be motivating to incorporate new elements outside of your regular (maybe not your best) routine. Similar to getting a drastic new haircut. This can bring a new found motivation.

  5. Inspired by a new style! As you're purging, you can sell your current items on Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark then purchase something new.

Here are some of the cleaning products I've purchased and loved:

The one that means the most to me is natural detergent. I didn't realize how much detergent we used and how it's most likely too much, especially the big brands. We think 'big container, must mean we have to use a lot'. The Puracy brand is a small bottle, you add one pump and all stains are gone! If the stain is severe, we still use pre-wash.

Random healthy items I've been loving:


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