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All Things Fall

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I'm thinking more and more people either truly love fall or we've been told to love it with PSLs, cardigans & hibernating!!

For so many years September meant going back to school, drinking too many lattes and my skin reacting to the stress of it all. For the past 3 years it hasn't been that but my body is still holding on to that feeling. Every September, I'm reminded of what used to be.

It's funny how the body holds on to that energy. There's certain times of the year where I get sad and I don't have a reason. Then I think about what happened around this time in the past and remember that there was a significant loss around that same time. It's something to keep in mind and honour what your body is still processing.

I found and a psychologist confirmed for me that universally the same event/scenario will keep challenging you with the same problem until you change your approach of dealing with it. Once the same scenario happens for the 5th time, you'll figure out how you want to approach it and deal with it.

ANYWAYS. Rant over about the universe and energy! Love that topic but I wanted to talk about fall favourites: cardigans!

For years in high school I wore SO many cardigans that after Grade 12 I said 'I'm done with you' and threw them all away. Now I'm like hmmm this is tempting, especially with working from home and the new, more flattering styles available. Here's my line up of wants!

Fall also means it rains & it pours so you'll need to attach an umbrella to your wrist at all times or you can wear a hoodie under your jacket. Love a little oversized jacket and a comfy boyfriend's sweater underneath for that extra cozy factor!

Embrace Fall and all of its beauty. Drink a 3%-milk,-whipped-cream-,caramel-syrup-drizzled-on-top-latte for me!!!!


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