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The One & Only Basic T-Shirt Made for All

There's a time in everyone's life where we are looking for just a simple, nice t-shirt that is flattering and feels good to wear. We don't want something too tight, made of polyester plastic, has the perfect fit on the shoulders and color selection. This seems like a lot to ask when you're just browsing the web looking for a simple t-shirt.

I'm here to save you from your endless search of basic t-shirt. Mott & Bow has multiple t-shirt shapes (over the shoulder, half shoulder cut) made out of Pima Cotton which is SO soft. I couldn't believe that I haven't heard of them before and they make exactly what I'm looking for. Their bio is 'elevated basics' and trust me, they are exactly that!

Their background and speciality is actually in denim. I haven't personally tried them yet because I prefer to try jeans in person instead of shipping jeans, trying them, potentially returning them. I don't want to pay for the shipping and I prefer to save the company some dollars and not have them pay for the shipping.

I'm wearing the Marcy t-shirt in color navy blue size XS. I like that I have room in the shirt, but if you like a tight fitted t-shirt I would size down.


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