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Spring Break 4 Ever

Here a few pictures of my spring break. I will expand on some of these pictures with outfit posts and quick tips on certain locations. This was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had on a road trip!

Enjoy & feel free to ask me any questions about tips, tricks, location questions xo

  • & the adventure begins with a beautiful sunrise,

  • there was no way I could leave my Markus behind,

  • stopped at the gorgeous Canyon beach for a walk after eight hours of being in the car,

  • the fog, the water, the wind, everything was perfection,

  • near 19 hours later, we arrived in San Francisco,

  • had a beautifully colored bagel for brunch in a cafe located at the end of Lombard St.,

  • there is light at the end of every building – Financial District where our hotel was located,

  •  a couple treats from Tartine bakery – known for their bread & A-mazing coffee!

  • after San Fran came Magic Mountain Six Flags with crazy rides – this is Superman,

  • ate in-and-out burger 4x within 6 days in Cali & always with Strawberry milkshake because yolo,

  • I follow many reality TV shows, including Vanderpump Rules – this is the restaurant where the drama takes place, AHHHH! – I even went in when it was closed shhhh..,

  • the pretty basic thing but cool thing to do is see Hollywood (takes over an hour to walk to the sign itself),

  • A cute bakery shop known for their delicious bakeries, especially their macaroons – they also have a restaurant attached where the menu looked unbelievable,

  • Rodeo Drive where all the dreamin’ happens,

  • blurry picture, for a blurry night at the Lakers game where we won vs detroit,

  • my love for cali sun & the dream,

  • Malibu sunset up in the private properties was breathtaking,

  • palm springs was super cute and so much fun (shopping was the best – Cabazone)

  • the palm springs sunsets consists of red & purple – heavenly,

  • atv’ing in the desert, no big deal (jk – soooo much fun)!

  • obviously obsessed with sunsets – Santa Monica beach,

  • + Santa Monica pier fun with the west coast roller coaster & the ferris wheel,

  • & the last sunrise of los angeles before our trip back.


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