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Winter Wonder in Whistler

Updated: May 9, 2020

The general Vancouver consensus: we hate snow.

My consensus: My favourite winter weather. I love how calm everything feels when it snows.

Yes people's driving does not improve and it's a little tense on the road, but if you're at home, sipping on a cup of coffee, life is good. + aesthetically the snow makes everything look cohesive which makes it easy on the eye.

We went up to Whistler for our annual weekend getaway before the snow comes - many of the restaurants in the village have amazing deals (4-courses for $35), so we go to start our winter body layer. We didn't expect snow because it usually comes around the middle of December BUT I did wish for snow. Little did I know, my wish came true!

End of November is also the off season which means that the hotels are cheaper and the village is always a little quieter as the locals get ready for the busy season ahead.

We discovered Nita Lake Lodge which is so beautiful!

For reference, it's near the lower village which means if you stay there, you would need to drive up and down from the upper village where most of the restaurants are. We went to visit the lake and enjoy their happy hour (delicious food + wine).


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