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Uluwatu, Bali Travel Guide Pt 2

In regular fashion, we booked our hotel last minute and stayed at the Uluwatu Jungle Villa.

This time there wasn’t any breakfast at the hotel so instead, we walked down a block and there was the cutest restaurant filled with naturally tanned Australians and surfers. I had nothing to complain about!

  • We found Nalu Bowls – popular social media food destination. The bowl were very refreshing as they were filled with ice. I wouldn’t say it was the TASTIEST, but it cooled me down. We walked down to Padang Padang beach and found monkeys on the way! Just to set the record straight, there aren’t monkeys everywhere. We only saw them at this beach and at the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

  • Dragon fruit looks juicy and are a punch of color but they don't actually have a lot of flavour.

  • Slurpppp – quickly after we rented a scooter and off we went to visit the area

  • We turned right to follow the Omnia sign as we were curious to see the hotel. However, because it was only 10AM they weren’t open yet so we continued down this little road and found the edge of Bali or heaven, I’m not sure which it was.

  • While we were looking around, we saw Omnia! The design was breathtaking and it actually isn’t very expensive to enter. The entry was only $20CAD (worth it for the view/sunset). The cocktails and food had the American price tag attached; $10-$15 for a drink or appetizer.

  • We walked along the beach to find a more quiet area with fewer people. I could spend hours jumping in the waves, letting the waves carry me to the shore. Also, the water isn’t as salty as it is in Vancouver. It will definitely sting your eye a little but not to the point where you have to pour fresh water on your eye. Keep in mind that if you want to surf, the waves reach their peak height around 4pm.  

  • When we drive around on the scooter we found these sculptures everywhere. They are so different than what we see in Europe or North America. I told Z that on our way back I had to get a picture on this bridge because it reflects their culture. A couple little boys passing by on their scooter waved at me which made my heart smile.

  • We came back to this restaurant to order dinner before leaving to our next adventure: Nusa Dua.


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