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Snowy Reflections

2017: a year of growth.

2018: a year of rebuilding.

That’s because even when every block drops, there’s still a hand that puts it all back together. Well I just made that one up, but you get the gist, and it sums up where I'm at.

Last year was a tough year of loss for many people around me, & I felt 1/10th of their pain. I saw the impact it had on them. All of it has given me perspective on how a life can be taken away so quickly, clarity on what is important, and some amazing pieces of clothing, from a beautiful soul, that I will cherish because that’s the closest thing I have to her. Thank you x infinity.

Speaking of life, I’ve just graduated! As exciting as that’s been, I know what comes next from family and friends. Here come the questions.

“Now that you’ve graduated, what’s next?”

Well, here’s what I’m up to! I started to work with a publicist in September. I started helping her with posting client content on social media and then started helping her with press releases, organizing guest lists for film events/red carpets – which led me to meeting the Riverdale crew.

In October, I was connected with a film distributor to consult on the marketing of films.

Few weeks after, I met with another publicist that had heard about me. She is launching a beauty brand, and also needed a brand make over for her company. One of her clients used to be Nash Clubs, and another client was in the midst of launching a new TV Series, which will be available on Netflix soon.

In addition to that, I was introduced to a VOD/Broadcast film distributor who is releasing a horror movie. I’m helping them with social media and distribution marketing. 

On top of that, I am also creating websites for financial advisors. All of this makes up 50 hours a week on average. So my weeks are filled with meetings, working at coffee shops or at home, squeezing a work out in, cuddling with my cat, meeting new people, and helping make their dreams come true!

Do I enjoy working remotely? There are ups and downs, you have to be disciplined.

My title? Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing Strategist & Executive Strategist.

I believe the reason why I have been able to grow my client list is because I respond promptly and get things done right away, which creates trust. Trust is hard to come by but essential to building any kind of relationships!

I basically – well actually I do – have my laptop with me wherever I go, because you never know what your client may need.

Jacket from Gerard Darel // Pants from Babaton //

Shoes from Steve Madden // Socks from should-of-worn-other-socks

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