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Searching for Harry Potter

Top facts you probably wouldn’t know about London:

  1. There are A LOT and I mean A LOT of French people. I was shocked but I understand it's only a 1-hour flight

  2. Their transportation system is expensive af but it runs 24h during the weekend

  3. London people are too busy to have a fix time for lunch and dinner!

  4. Not only do they call the metro a tube, it’s also shaped like a tube. The bad news is that if there’s ever an emergency, no one is getting out of that tube since the wall is an inch away from the 'tube'.

  5. You know the hype around double deck buses, well let me tell you there are everywhere. They aren’t a hype when you’re there since there’s an abundance of them. 

  6. Piccadilly and Oxford street are the shopping streets. If you want to find 5 different Zara’s that sell the same thing, this is the place to go! Convenience is key nowadays. Zara understands.

  7. I wouldn’t recommend going so close to Christmas, out of personal experience, but you know yolo.

  8. London has great food and shopping, but the exchange rate will be the end of me. To have the same price tag but in a currency that is worth 1.7x more, now that is true pain.

  9. The famous bridge of London is not, and I repeat not called the London Bridge, it is called the Tower Bridge! You can find the London Bridge beside the Tower Bridge but it isn't as impressive.

  10. Being at the top front of a double deck bus is actually the most stressful experience. At every turn you feel like the bus is going to hit a pole, a sign or a corner of a wall.

Overall London is a really cool city when it comes to culture, food and shopping. I think its missing the traditional British lifestyle, so I will have to visit another city next time to get the real British vibes.

However, I am totally 100% okay with having high tea every day. I mean we sat there for two hours eating pastries and baked goods, we weren’t messing around!

On to the next adventure xo

  • when you have 10 kids trying to touch the horse you are ON. you start sweating especially with that legendary pony tail he has to wear

  • burgers and lobsters, now we talking!

  • topshop & all of its madness

  • the gate to my royal queen

  • buckingam – the residence of our royal queen

  • forever chasing christmas lights

  • pastries & london fog

  • the view from the london bridge

  • soaking up the english germs

  • the tower bridge and all of its glory

  • found the comfort food I wanted at Hawksmoor

  • covent garden where I found the antique market I wanted

  • the original and first hard rock café in the world


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