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Reboot your ReBoot

I work with publicists that need an extra hand with digital marketing. They manage all of the media coverage, partnership building and producing events while I focus on the online presence of their clients.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code came back with a re-imagined version of the original ReBoot which came with a roaring old fan base that wanted their original ReBoot, but Mainframe was focused on adding brand new technology and stunning animation infused with live action characters.

The first season (10 episodes) launched on Netflix US & world in March 2018 and all 20 episodes were released weekly in Canada by YTV in June 2018. The delay between the US launch and the Canadian launch can only be explained by what the broadcasters wanted to do - Mainframe didn't have a say like we all assume they would.

The second season (next 10 episodes) came out on Netflix US & world in September 2018.

Through this projects Kirk Group Media was able to create ground breaking partnerships with coding content developers and education centres.

My focus for ReBoot: The Guardian Code included:

  • manage social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)

  • create content from the episodes (image, GIF, and videos) and messaging

  • social media calendars + social media data

  • design social media ads (Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads) Budget of $1,500

  • manage all digital assets + website changes with Big Fish Creative

  • order swag and banners for events

  • gather all data for media recaps

  • create social media guidelines for stakeholders (actors, production, Rainmaker social media)

  • launch their app game - managed all notifications (free credits, messages)

Grew the following social media pages with a focus on Facebook (parents) and Instagram (children) within 10 months:

  • Facebook Page from 409 to 12,866 Likes

  • Instagram from 7 followers to 996 followers

  • Twitter 17 followers to 256 followers


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