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Found my Homeland

Welcome to Paris; where the magic happen!

  • chasing the sunset

  • view of paris – eiffel tower is to the right

  • the buildings to the right is where La Defence is – where my university is

  • okay superman – we understand you’re still alive

  • Sacré Coeur Basilica – this is where you get the view of the whole city

  • it’s so tall comparing to rest of the city

  • casual sunset from my balcony

  • Arc de Triomphe – this is how you know you’ve arrived at the Champs Elysées. tip: go to the top and go see the eiffel tower

I have to admit that I added the french keyboard to my computer to be able to add those accents ééé – fancy that

So far we’ve been lucky to have beautiful weather that allows us to look at the sunset every night, read a book on the balcony, go outside for a stroll in the city, drink wine in the parks, enjoy a picnic, and get us mentally ready for the rain that we are so used to back in Vancouver. 

I will tell you the truth, there is one thing I cannot stand about Paris but that we are blessed to have in Vancouver. The worst part is that this is vital to survive, not sure a human being can do without it – water.

The tap water in Paris is simply awful, you drink it and it just feels heavy in your stomach.

The key to survival is to purchase a 6-pack of 1.5L water bottles that cost 1 euro – phew thank god for elevators because living on the 6th floor isn’t easy. But WOW, the environment is hating me and I feel so guilty.

I will continue posting about my travels and how to survive in Paris! xo


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