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Find Wally in Black & White

In the pictures below you can meet Gee & Zee, which are two out of my three dwarf hamsters I decided to add to my zoo (I have four cats, yes I know what you’re thinking.. crazy cat lady).

They are super cute & friendly but they are nocturnal, meaning that they run on their wheel all night long, ugh, then they fight on who gets to run on the wheel and squeak really loud.

Besides sleeping 4 hours a night, I’ve somehow had the motivation to read this book named ‘Mind Over Mind’. I love it. It's really empowering and digs deep into how to control your mind. These psychology-like book & romantic books are my favs.

Now let’s talk fashion, I’ve been looking at these knee-high socks.. I’ve been hesitant about them and decided to just get them to challenge myself.

& WOW they actually kept my legs so warm while walking around in the snow storm in Whistler, as well as comfortable SO I recommend them!

OH! and if none of your friend got you a scarf from Zara (the best scarves ever), it’s time to find new friends ASAP or become a good friend and gift one.

I’m all about chic & comfortable. I don’t enjoy wearing something and having to make sure my stomach or my legs are a certain way for it to look good. It just makes life more complicated than it needs to be, especially when life can be simple & comfortable.

I’ll be posting my New Years Eve outfit soon, I promise!

I hope every one had a good night & stayed safe.

PS. mine was overly crazy but had a blast - definitely one for the books.

Dress from H&M // Sock from Gap // Glasses from Prada // Tights from Gap // Watch from Anne Klein // Scarf from Zara


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