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Christmas Magic in Whistler

Spontaneous trip to Whistlurrrr (Whistler) right before Christmas is perfect to see all the Christmas joy in the village.

We saw Santa, a nutcracker, the bear, and had the chance to eat maple syrup on a stick!

Christmas turns me into a kid all over again. I love the energy, the smell, all of the lights and of course, the magic.

I brought a little more sass for these pictures, as I was feeling this over sized look, while still making it girly with a chunky necklace.

I got a lot of looks with this black fur headband that kept me oh-so-warm. It’s a great way to look different by not wearing a tuque.

I didn’t even have to do my hair with this headband, it makes the messy hair look goooood. This headband reminds me of my younger years in France when we would wear them while skiing to keep our ears warm.

Our moms and aunties would knit them for us, whatever color our hearts desired. One of those things you take for granted as you grow up.

Jacket from JCrew // Sweater from Alternative (Boysco) // Necklace from Aldo // Pants from Babaton // Shoes from Steve Madden // Headband from Topshop // Scarf from JCrew


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