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Birth Day In My Birthday Suit

Okay so I’ve really been missing my blog!

I had 5 exams within 4 days + full on cramming! I learned all of my semester within 6 days, drinking 3 red bulls a day (not healthy at all). But the first exam I went into, where I didn’t drink a red bull, I almost fell asleep – can you imagine?!

Anyways it’s been just a crazy couple of weeks where I barely stayed alive.

But I’M BACK BABY. okay just a little excited to get back to my blog & you guys <33

Well here I am, I had no time to shop for my birthday outfit -crying face- but I pulled this out of my closet & it worked out! This long shirt is blacked out in the front and the back is all sheer aka you can see your buttum (as I would say in a minion voice).

SO I added a bright color – because you must wear something bright on your birthday!

I wish I had pictures of me out in the city but – funny story… I went to a club called M.I.A. in Gastown (Vancouver, B.C.) and the concept is that you go “M.I.A.” for the night = can’t use your phone because security will tell you to put it away = no pictures of the night.

These pictures were taken before we left – in a Fairmont suite, -gushing- it was beautiful!

I also went to twelve west to meet up with more friends. The drinks consisted of grey goose, jagger bombs, cranberry vodka, and champagne. Happy 20th to me!

Shirt from Naked Zebra // Skirt from Armani Exchange // Bracelets from Aldo


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