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Architectural Orgasm

The adventure continues, capturing the beauty of Europe with so much character, stories and history attached to each and every building.

In one of the courses I am taking named French Cultural Influence, we’ve been talking a lot about how architectural was made to draw you in, to tell you a story, to shape the vision they want you to believe in. 

We could say that they are trying to shape our ideas, or we could say that at least they put that much effort into it. Nowadays it feels like architects think of a modern concept that will provide x amount of apartments or offices for the developer to make profit, and then add a little flair here and there but there’s no meaning behind any of it.


I just want some deepness to the building (wait, is that a thing), give me details, give me something to work with to say “woaaaaaah” every time I see it!

Is that too much to ask for? Are my expectations too high for this society?

Probably not, otherwise people wouldn’t go visit European countries for the architecture alone!



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