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An Oeuvre; Trendy yet Classic!

Updated: May 9, 2020

These earrings are truly a work of art.

Here are the characteristics I look for in earrings

  1. Weight; feels more expensive that way. An Oeuvre has that weight to the earring.

  2. Material of the post; I don't want green ears please! Thankfully their earrings are made of silver or titanium so we are safe.

  3. Shine; the way they sparkle in and out of the sun. They have some beautiful crystal in their earrings that gives you that extra sparkle on your outfit.

  4. Classic yet trendy; I want earrings that will last me years but that still fit within the trend of today.

Most of their earrings are particularly unique because each earring is different.

Pairs of one short earring with a long dangly earring, or they are different colours. It's something that I've seen a while ago, but not with the quality that An Oeuvre has.

I won't lie, I do buy my socks from China for $0.60 a pair so I know all about their jewelry as well and how cheap those can be. The big difference is that they turn a different colour with humidity, and they feel SO cheap. They might as well be plastic covered in some weird metal to make it look like metal.

An Oeuvre is the complete opposite. These are actually quality earrings & the only reason I'm emphasizing it, is because I was shocked myself!

An Oeuvre (translation) = a work of art.

This is a local Vancouver business that just started this year, support your local businesses!


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