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Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

The first thought that came to my mind when Nicole Oliver mentioned Eco Fashion week, was models dressed in leafs, and clothes made out of things we usually recycle or throw out, I could not imagine why people would go to something like this.Realizing that Eco Fashion week is all about reusing clothes that have already been warn. Myriam Laroche, the founder of Eco Fashion week, looked spectacular in reused clothes. She has a line of clothes, I recommend everyone to take a look at it. You would have no idea that it was made out of reused clothes, it looks awesome!

First show: designers had a $500 budget to spend at Value Village to make a line, as you can see in the first two pictures. Ghazal Elhaei‘s line is named Man Up, which was awesome to see some male models in there. It was more about the slick style of tailored pants, aka how to look fabulous while working. Jerome Insorio was my absolute favorite, his pastel palette, clothes that could be casual or that you can vamp up for the night, those are the clothes I live for.

Second show: The 68lbs challenge, she bought 68lbs of clothes from Value Village. Young Oak did amazing! Every piece were stunning! There was some pieces that you could wear any day, everyday, others that were more runway wear, but every piece could suit someone’s personality right?The best part is that when you think of runaway models, you think of skinny, tiny models that look unhealthy, they did have thinner models and also healthy models. They all did great, no tripping or falling, which I believe would be their worst fear!

This was such a great experience for me, I met fabulous people! I’ve had so many opportunities open up. I am so grateful for the chances that have been given to me. I can’t for the next event! I’m wearing Guess Genie pants (talk about re-using eh), BCBG top, Aldo Shoes & bracelet, and Guess earrings.

P.S. 23 days till my birthday & HAPPY MAY! One of the best months around


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