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TIE-DYE: Cute, Colourful & Comfy

Updated: May 7, 2020

I've tie-dyed clothes once and it was in Senegal, Africa. We had to bring a white 100% cotton piece of clothing which I remember being actually hard to find in Value Village.

Side long story short, I went to Value Village to purchase all my clothes that I was bringing to Africa because I wanted to donate all of my clothes and come back to Canada with only my personal essentials. I donated everything along with my suitcase.

Back to tie-dye story: I ended up finding these white shorts which I thought I would never really wear. Turns out, those are (till this day) my comfiest sleeping shorts and they are so close to having a hole (ugh) because I wear them so much. Since then, I love tie-dye clothes. Everything from the color, its unique pattern to the comfy fabric they use: cotton.

I can just hear my grandma's voice "cotton will help you stay cool during the summer" as I'm wearing my 100% polyester aka plastic shirt.

With the mixture of quarantine and summer coming right up, we have to resort to the small things that make us happy such as good coffee, glowing make-up free skin and most importantly, cute clothes!

  • Good coffee, check!

  • Glowing make-up free skin, coming right up - after I stop eating chips and candy!

  • Cute clothes, after this blog post is posted!

The struggle is real as I rotate between Lululemon pants, boyfriend's sweat pants and PJs so these tie-dye items are coming at the perfect time to add some color to my rotation of clothes.

Psssst! Some of these items are on sale!

Tie Dye Workout Gear

Tie Dye Lounge Wear

Tie-Dye Patio Attire

Tie-Dye Bathing Suits

Dresses & cute outfits:


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