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Summer Dress under $50 #NSale

"We are now in August?!"

Most days during quarantine went by so slowly but yet this year went by SO fast. This is very confusing but I'm embracing the summer weather in Vancouver. I have some great tan lines from tanning in my friend's pool. Tanning in the pool is probably the best thing you can do. You don't feel the warmth and you're tanning without sweating. How lovely!

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is amazing as you can pick up timeless pieces at a discount or some trendy items you'll be able to wear for the end of the summer. Our summer in Vancouver seems to run off into the September month.

These are some of my summer under $50 dresses from the sale that I've picked out and love!

When to shop:

  • August 4 | Icon

  • August 7 | Ambassadors

  • August 10 | Influencers

  • August 13 | Insiders

  • August 19 | EVERYONE

Basically, you advance through status levels to get extra perks by the amount of money you spend + get extra bonus points by being a cardmember!


A few things to keep in mind about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  1. Things sell out FAST. They sometimes restock but not often.

  2. Prepare your links and then click & check your sizes when you're ready.

  3. Use the "Wishlist” function!

  4. Use filters to search for your “needs.”

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