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Valentine’s Day Make Up – Sexy Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. This can be the day to love the ones around you or simply yourself!

They say “look good, feel good” so even if you’re going to enjoy yourself, make sure that every time you look into the mirror you can smile at yourself & think “I’m happy being me”.

Make it a day for yourself or look extra sexy for your lover! (I dislike the word boyfriend/girlfriend – not as romantic as lover)

Big voluminous hair (like a Victoria’s Secret model on a runway) helps with the 'sexy look'. You can also soften your curls to make the look more romantic.

Soft 18K gold plated necklace to contrast the strong make up. I love the simplicity of this necklace while the gold shine with the sun. I love that you can adjust the length of it drastically.

As for make up, this Smashbox palette has everything you’re looking for (powder wise), there’s contour, blush and tons of eyeshadow that work for any look you are going for.

I used Red Head liner to line my lips, added Covergirl lipstick for the inside of my lips, then Nars for the outside of my lips, which resulted in a flawless fade!

This will make sure your eyes stand out from the rest of your face while making your lips irresistible!

Lips from Nars, Covergirl and Red Head // Eyeshadow from Smashbox // Eyeliner from Mac // Necklace from Josephine Faye


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