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Valentine's Day

11am: woke up to the sunrays peaking through the blinds

12pm: arrived at Dora’s Salon for a surprise hour massage

1pm: first class pedicure while sippin’ on my favorite Booster Juice (Mango Hurricane)

2:30pm: went home for a snack + opened a shipping box with a Botkier bag from NYC (AHH!)

4:30pm: drove to Granville Island to get items for the recipe he chose & snacks – I love driving thus I drove (Future race car driver)

6:30pm: went to Robson to go shopping. Got a few items at Banana Republic from him (EEK)

8:30pm: Finally arrived home to start cooking. I helped prep the veggie, and then he cooked while I watched a movie.

10pm: Dinner menu: Filet Mignon with shitake mushroom sauce & baked garlic veggies.

Surprise desert from Edible Arrangements with my favorite fruits.

11pm: Went upstairs with my eyes closed and was surprised with candles all around my room & bathroom, balloons covering my bed and a giant doggy and 24 roses of different colors! (AWEE)

My past experiences weren’t very good because of the circumstances I was in, but he definitely changed my mind about Valentine’s Day.


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