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Thomas Burberry Monogram

Updated: May 9, 2020

Holt Renfrew hosted a Burberry event to showcase the (new) monogram.

They definitely made a statement with the Burberry monogram covering the entire floor of the bridge between Holt Renfrew & Pacific Centre. If you drive on Dunsmuir, you will see the new simplistic, modern logo of Burberry on the windows.

Here's some history to understand why I said (new) monogram.

Taking it back almost a year ago, Riccardo Tisci became the new creative director at Burberry. Riccardo, an italian designer known for his "dark, subversive craftsmanship, for nose rings, non-conformity and seductive glamour" is the complete opposite to his predecessor Christopher Bailey who designed Kim Kardashian's wedding dress and dressed the Duchess of Cambridge for years.

You can picture those classic looks that seem timeless, right? But maybe that just wasn't enough for the brand. Bailey left because 'his contract ended and had been with the brand for 17 years'.

New creative directors thrive on making a bold move and this is exactly what Riccardo did with Burberry's new logo and monogram released August 2018 and worn by big names such as Rihanna and Lily James.

Marco Gobetti, Chief Executive of Burberry states that "[Riccardo] skill in blending streetwear with high fashion is highly relevant to today's luxury consumer." which explains why they chose him!

Burberry has been known for bringing back the classic trench coat and their elegant design, but they haven't made a bold move like this for a few years so this made perfect sense.

As per my personal opinion about the monogram, I think it looks good. It fits right into what other brands have done (Gucci, Fendi etc).

The design of the pants, skirts, sweaters are the definition of streetwear.

But (always a but) the red line in the middle is a little too similar to Gucci for me.

I do understand that Burberry's trench coat + their scarves have a red line so it fits within their branding. However, I think that if the line was on the side or crossed with another red line (similar to the scarf pattern) it would seem more original and true to their brand.

Congratulations to Riccardo for making a bold move and putting Burberry on the streetwear map! #ThomasBurberryMonogram


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