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There’s Never a Wrong Time For Polka Dots

This is an easy dress to dress up for birthday party outside or to wear on a casual shopping day.I added the red belt for a pop of color, and it matches with my lips as well. The belt will accentuate the smaller part of your waist aka you’ll look slim, especially with the way it flares outBecause of the collar of the dress, adding a necklace would make it pretty busy, thus why I added earrings instead. Adding a pair of hoops, or any earrings that are not studs, is a great way of avoiding to wear a necklace if you can’t find the perfect necklace for your outfit. I kept the same color for all my accessories: silver. Making my nails match my earrings.Dress from Promod (France), pumps from Johnathan Kayne & belt from Zara. Nail color: Wet n Wild #402, Lacquer Balm from Revlon named Flirtatious Charmeuse (two words that describe me) #125.

Let me tell you 3 reasons why heels are a girl’s best friend: 1. they make your ‘derriere’ look better (without having to do squats: PERFECT) 2. they make your legs look long & skinny 3. they make you taller when you feel small!Don’t be afraid to walk in heels, people will stare at you anyways, you might as well look good while they’re watching. Practice make perfect, thus make sure to practice wearing them & you’ll get the walk down.


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