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The Coolest from Jaden Smith, is my jam

Who knew that going to Black Friday would mean falling in love with a pair of shoes where I had to go to 3 different Nordstroms, then back to Vancouver to The Bay, where I finally found my size.

Random weird fact that was written underneath “Made of real cow hair, bleached and dyed.” I’m not sure if I should think this its a weird or if it’s cool. I'm just hoping the cow wasn't killed for the shoes..

The search for these shoes wasn't for nothing! I wear these shoes with everything and anything, because print is a perfect addition to a plain look.

Anyways, this shoot started on a Wednesday and ended on Saturday, with an addition of a Topman jacket and Dolce & Gabana glasses from the photographer.

Kind of cool how some pieces are so classic that a man or a woman can pull it off.

With my obsession of scarves, I had to find different ways to wear them. I get inspiration from my european side of the family.

Jeans from Topshop // Necklace from Aldo // Scarf from Guess // Jacket from Topman // Glasses from Dolce & Gabanna // Shoes from Steve Madden // Long Sleeve from Holt Renfrew // Watch from Anne Klein


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