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Sunday Funday Lunch Day

This shirt is the edgiest shirt, especially with the red! From the V in the front to the details in the back; BCBG did it again, simply flawless. Its a simple shirt to choose and not have to add any jewels to, or add some accessories for a more detailed look. Super easy to pair up with pants, shorts or a skirt. You can keep simple make up look as well.

I choose to keep it black, red and gold. You’d think leather short would stick to you when it’s hot outside but these actually have a silk lining which makes them super comfy and cool.

These heels from Le Chateau were the perfect match for this outfit, especially with the gold detailed studs around the ankle, this also helps secure your foot in the shoe. If you just started wearing heels and want more support, the straps are a great way to find that balance.

These BCBG hoops with diamonds incrusted into the side are one of my favorites earrings. They are edgy, elegant but still stand out.  They look good from every angle. This ring and bracelet are my new found loves of my life, they’re actually more rose gold than just gold.

I choose to keep my hair up to keep the focus on this shirt. This is THE Sunday lunch date outfit because most Saturdays I curl my hair because it’s Saturday (so why not), then Sunday I still want to keep a flirty look but I don’t want to worry about my hair, thus I just put it up into a ponytail, wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and MAGIC.


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