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Smog VS Fog

This year I focused on getting vests, coats, and jackets. I succeeded!

This Wilfred over-sized coat was specifically chosen to be an go-to jacket when I don't have time to figure out which jacket to wear and it's COLD outside.

Great for any shape or sizes due to it's over-size look + it has an amazing lining to keep your warm. If you’re thinking of taking a mid day nap, it can be a great blanket (you have to think about these things when you're an exhausted student).

As for the color, yes a little scary to be wearing beige when you love coffee so much but (knock on wood) nothing has happened so far AND what I love is how I can pair it with any scarf color I want.

Most of my jeans are blue (different blues, but still blue) so for Christmas I got these Zara dark brown pants. I didn't know I would like them so much. It came down to the illusion of the color. From far they look like a dark pair of pants (maybe black?) and ta-da, surprise they are dark brown! I also noticed that Zara came out with the same style of pants but with a wax finish - definitely have my eye on those.

Now add a simple white T with a chunky necklace – an effortless casual look, that YOU can do!

Pants from Zara // Coat from Wilfred // Shoes from Topshop // Shirt from Club Monaco // Necklace RW&Co


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