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Sassy Sandro

There’s nothing more that I love than snow, I even love driving in the snow, its much more exciting than usual. I thought winter was over in Vancouver, but a foot of fresh snow was a good surprise. As you can see it was snowing when the pictures were taken, and we even had the chance to feature Bailey (I mean look at her color, love her! talking about the dog). To stay warm in this weather, I wore my Sandro jacket which is so warm, heavy, and edgy. The details of the zippers gives it such an edge, which is something new in my closet because I would normally go for something that is more “safe”. The Russian looking collar was just perfect to match up with the Olympics. When I saw Sandro’s clothing line, I fell in love with all of the pieces they had, they fit me perfectly (which can be hard to find as a petite, short human being). I bought this jacket in France, and didn’t think they would have this line in Vancouver, but I did find it in The Bay Downtown, yay!Hoping the snow stays as long as possible! xo

Jacket by Sandro


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