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Ready, Set, Spring!

GUESS WHAT! It’s officially time to start thinking about Spring (t-minus 25 days)!

Now that we’ve made it clear that Spring is just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what to wear for this mix weather or maybe you think about this every time you go outside? Do you ever look out of your window, see the sun & assume it’s over 20 degrees? guilty over here…

Welllllll there’s nothing more fitting than a cut sleeve sweater to welcome the sun while keeping your neck warm for those chilly winds that are flying around.

You might as well start taking all of your knit sweaters from fall & cut the sleeves off. Just kidding! We all did that when ripped jeans started trending but can't do that with knits.

I kept it fresh & summery with a pastel pink to make sure I would match my friends: the cherry blossoms.

& of course gold errr’where which is why I went with all gold accessories.

I’m debating dying my hair brown, a nice chocolaty brown where people would think my hair looks more delicious than my lips (KIDDING) but seriously, I need thoughts about if I should dye my hair or not AHH!

Cut sleeve & necklace from Banana Republic // 3/4 sleeve from Guess // Pants from Babaton


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