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Push Your Comfort Zone for Halloween

Halloween is all about transformation – this could be from playing make up, wearing something different that is out of 'character' for you. This is a night/weekend when everyone’s true colors will show. This is all because you don’t need to explain yourself for what you’re wearing (unless people don’t understand your costume and are judgmental, but that's beside the point!)

This look is dabbled in some extra dark shadow for Halloween but works for any night out on the town.

From the mix of grey and dark purple eyeshadow, with the bold waterproof black eyeliner streak will make your eyes stand out. I would definitely recommend doing a bold lip color for a night out. As the night goes, the color will slowly disappear on those cocktail glasses or shooters so pack it on!

88Original Palette has so many different colors, from neutral shades to bright colors for those nights out. My lip look is a mix of YSL and Stila burgundy.


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