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Purr for Furr

Updated: May 4, 2020

I absolutely adore this faux fur. I’ve been looking for the perfect fur since Black Friday. Juicy Couture had a really nice one, but not my size, then there was Forever XXI but it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I found this at The Latest Scoop, which is a pop up shop in Vancouver, on Granville Street. It has tons of great clothes but this was the winner of the day. A lighter colored shirt makes sure to make the faux fur pop. My opinion with faux fur is that when you pair it with blue jeans, it makes it look very unnatural (which is a weird way to describe an outfit), they are some shades of blue that are appropriate, like a light, washed out blue.

I paired this Moon Apparel fur with Zara pants, and my favorite booties from Minelli.

P.S. Happy Monday everybody

Have a great week! xo


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