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Pet-Friendly Clothes

It started with 1 adopted cat, KitKat, and then Millie the while kitten followed, then two inherited cats were the final additions. Usually when people find out I have four cats it goes a little something like

"FOUR CATS!? Why?"

It's not like we planned to inherit two cats named Chip & Dip, it kind of just happens unexpectedly. Now the cat hair is a little out of control. I have my 'home clothes', my 'going-out-of-the-house clothes' and finally, my 'precious-don't-want-any-cat-hair clothes'.

The precious-don't-want-any-cat-hair clothes are hidden in bags because that's the only way that they won't get cat hair on them!

Short to say that fabric plays a huge role in what I can wear in my house which is why I've put together some items that I love and are made out of pet-friendly fabrics,





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