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MSFTS: MisFits

This time of year there should be at least a meter of slow on the mountain. I’ve been waiting 7 months for – skiiiiiiiiing.

BUT nope, not yet. The mountains aren’t ready yet, and this makes me sad.

Not to worry, I can still go skating. I am not the greatest, I can’t stop properly, but at least  I can go fast in circles.

To go up these mountains, you need to be prepared for the cold that comes with it.

Sandro makes sure of this in every way. It comes with a faux fur collar (still obsessed with), details, and warm body.

Michael Kors tuque was keeping my head and hair warm. I kept it pretty simple, since I was just worried about staying warm, while not looking like I was wearing a sleeping bag.

Stay warm & don’t get sick before Christmas love bugs xo

Jacket from Sandro // Pants from Zara // Shoes from The Bay // Tuque from Michael Kors // Sweater from BCBG


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