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I know New Years Eve is all about sequences, sparkles and more.

I looked at sequence dresses, shirts and more but couldn’t find anything I fell in love with. I picked up this dress from Zara because I liked the print and with a basic color it’s easier to dress it all up.

I realized that actually it’s a ROMPER, which is even better for NYE because then I don’t have to worry about anything (except when I have to go to the bathroom).

NYE is during the winter for me, which why I decided to add some tights. I also have tights with extra sparkle which makes it even more NYE-ish.

As for chunky necklaces, they are pretty great, you can dress them up or dress them down with more casual wear. I often pair my chunky necklaces with a comfortable sweater; this gives people the illusion that I made an effort in the morning but I really didn’t (sorry not sorry).

Romper from Zara // Necklace RW&Co // Bracelet from Cartier // Booties from Minelli // Tights from Gap

Metanoia: Journey of Changing One’s Mind, Heart or Way of Life


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