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Malibu Sunset

Tip of the trip: Don’t be scared to go up to those security booth at Pepperdine University and ask if you can go to the top of the hill, just say you’re Canadian and you really want to see the Malibu sunset – and don’t forget to use your gorgeous smile (and other things if needed - such as your EYES).

Malibu and Palm Springs are my favorite sunsets – ever. The colors were amazing, I couldn't even believe that the sky could illuminate the colors I saw.

Let me try to describe it: it had these deep red, purple and bright orange tones that were jaw dropping.

We often get caught up in the list of things we need to do, and this trip really inspired me to just step back and enjoy the simple little things in life – and everyone says this but most people don’t do it.

I struggle with it myself all the time. I find myself stressing out because I feel like I could be up for days just doing homework and helping others with their to-do list. We almost need a constant reminder that everything will be okay and even though life keeps going, it’s okay to take a deep breath, collect our thoughts, smell the flowers near by, and then go on to do some SELF CARE.

At the end of the day, self care helps you be more clear and centered in your mind. Your productivity level will most likely go up as well.

Anyways, just a thought.

PS. this is also a little sneak preview of this outfit that I will fully expand on soon! xo


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