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Make The Extra Step Forward

Every morning I drive over this bridge. It’s a beautiful scenic route, the sun rising, the fog teasing the ground and the trees. I adore the way the sun reflects on the glass buildings making them appear gold.

The pictures don’t do the view justice.

Now let's talk fashion. I’ve been looking for a hat for over a couple months now. I am so picky, from the shape to the length of the brims, to the color.

When I saw this dark purple BCBG hat I thought "This is IT".

Vancouver weather: UNPREDICTABLE, am I right? This is why a hat in your trunk comes in handy. It keeps my head warm while covering my eyes from the sun poking through the clouds. If it rains, I put my hair on and don't care anymore that I forgot my umbrella at home. GAME CHANGER!

At this point I don't think it's a secret that hat cover up a bad hair day so surprise them with washed hair underneath it! Unless you're staying outfit, just keep the hat on, they don't need to know your hair washing schedule.

Now, if you’re looking for a bit more detail add a gold chain around the base of the hat. It adds that extra pop of bling to your look.

My lipstick is a mix of Covergirl Smitten Lipstain for the outline & Matte pink lipstick for the inside.

PS: I woke up at 5AM on a Saturday to take these photos. Wow I don't wake up that early, even for school. That should say something about the thought I put behind content. Thanks to my dad for being the goat and taking these photos.

Navy long sleeve from Armani Exchange // Hat from BCBG // Antique watch necklace // Zara jeans // Topshop booties.


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