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It Is Impossible In Our Society Not To Be a Snob Sometimes

Updated: May 6, 2020

This is a very soft flawless look. My main struggle is that I don’t have cheek bones which is why I went on a hunt for a perfect blush and bronzer combination that will give me a cheery pink simultaneously accentuating my cheek bones.

BUT no worries, I found the perfect fusion from Charlotte Tilburry.

Just remember: do the fish face, then keep doing circles from the middle of your cheek all the way up to your upper cheek. 

Now this lipstick is my favorite color EVER, especially when you’re wearing a lot of dark tones. This lipstick from Mac in colour Snob will make your lips pop. I also love it for sunny days. 

As for my eyes, Natalie used a brown eye liner then smudged it with her finger (fingers are your best utensils for any blending) because I wanted to keep a softer look.

We added gold and cream colors to the eyelids using the Naked – Urban Decay palette, which will include all of your favorite neutral soft colors.

Finally for the foundation, we used a mix of BB cream and Bobbi Brown foundation, which leads to the best combination ever! The bonus is that they both have sunscreen = perfect for summer time!

Make up by Natalie Kleijn

Here are the products we used for this look:


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