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Happy Earth Day From LA

I present to you Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles.

Today being Earth Day, I share with you pictures of the smog we have created on our beautiful planet. Although we do have reasons for everything we (human beings) have made, we cannot neglect making small changes to our daily lives to help our environment.

I cringe to the thought of littering or not putting my recyclables in a recycle bin.

Make it a challenge for yourself to consider the ground you walk on everyday because the Earth needs to be taken of.

Now to the travel + fashion portion of this post.

For the Hollywood Sign you have two options: walk 15 minutes and get the view that you can see above or walk over an hour to get even closer to the sign.

I had no idea what to wear except that I wanted to be comfortable and not wear pants/shorts.

I totally forgot I had this dress, but it was one of my great finds at BCBG that I couldn’t say no to. It has pockets – which is must have! & it’s black and loose – no worries about being bloated at anytime because it’s all hidden which makes it even better for traveling + trying new foods.

Dress from BCBG // Necklace from BCBG // Shades from JCrew ($30) // Sandals from Expression ($30) // Bag from Botkier


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