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Hair Done, E’rything Done

The day has come and I finally got my hair done. I waited all school year; making up excuses, procrastinating because I haven’t found the perfect hair dresser that my heart oh-so-desired.

But now we have met, and we will be together till I die or she dies. Her name is Cindee and she is from Halo Salon.

It did take 3.5 hours but it was all so worth it!

Now I don’t have to worry about my hair for another year, right? Just kidding, I’ll take care of my hair this time around. Anyways, so I got the ends and front lighter (the bangs), and there are some highlights at the top just to blend it in a little.

THE NEWS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! I am leaving for Cancun.

I have never been to Mexico before, I am so excited to see the white beaches and turquoise water. Roll around in the sand, see the fishies under the water, OH and drink all day & night. This is exactly what I need before going back to school and tackling 8 courses in one semester!

The end of the summer is coming.. But I am excited to get into my long sleeves and cuddle into my scarves!


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