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Flower Child

All thanks to the amazing Tianna Kwong for the pictures & Tracey Chelsea for the flower crowns!

I once stated that I am forever a beach bum, as the leaves are sweeping the streets, I have decided to change my persona into a flower child for a day.

As a child the house I grew up in was surrounded by the forest. My cousins & I used to spend hours in the forest, building forts, ladder, and making trails. This quickly became a place for me to ground myself. The forest I grew up surrounded by always had a distinct smell that make me feel like home.

I love the sound that the trees make when they dance together, swaying from side to side, or the crackling of the branches that have been around for years.

To think that we take our land for granted, to think that we believe that there are tons of trees so it’s okay “we can just plant more”. Do you know how many years it took for that forest to grow?

A long trail walk in the forest will always ground the soul.


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