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Fact: Toodles Is my Favorite Way to Say Goodbye

We’ve been lucky enough to be getting gorgeous sunrises and sunsets & I am taking FULL advantage of them in every way that I can!

The best decisions are the impulsive ones & this is because it’s exactly what you want in the moment (as long as they don't hurt anyone).

Those are the best feelings knowing that you choose something with your heart and soul without even having to think about it twice. In that moment you truly knew what your heart desired.

This was love at first sight and the best impulse buy after a rough day. This Armani Exchange jacket is perfect for winter.

I can wear it with anything and everything, it keeps me warm from the icy wind and looks fantastic-o. The fact that I can zip it up all the way to up my neck and tuck half my face in, is gold.

The head band is the perfect way to keep the warmth from leaving your head (that sentence sounds very odd, but it’s true!). I also think it’s just a great way to cover up another bad hair day. I’m just trying to say that I rather put a cute head band on than be cold.

Jacket from Armani Exchange // Head band from Aldo // Pants from Zara // Shades from RayBans // Lips from Stila // Necklace from BCBG // Shoes from The Bay


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