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Fab Fit Fun Unboxing

Updated: May 9, 2020

For Christmas I was given a Fab Fit Fun (FFF) gift card for $60 - so the box is US$49.99 and the shipping is US$8, then once you sign up you can access full size products for cheap cheap between US$5-20 which is great. I bought a 'youth glow mask' and a tightening cream for stretch marks.

You rate 5 categories from 1-5 (1 being your number one choice); I made Skincare my number one and all the other categories (productivity, fitness, make up, houseware) lower numbers.

They are very thorough when it comes to asking you shades of foundation/concealer, sizes for bottoms + tops, what kind of make up you prefer (concealer, highlighter, lipstick) - all very good data for them to sell later on if they would like.

Now they have your complete profile!

Typically the way these boxes work is one of two ways:

  1. Fab Fit Fun will purchase the product at cost-price (10% of the price - sometimes lower) and the company will credit the loss as a 'Marketing Expense'

  2. The brand will cover all costs of the product thus FFF isn't purchasing anything = more profit for them obviously, and the brand will credit it again as a 'Marketing Expense'

There is usually a minimum amount that the brand has to provide (50,000 unit to 300,000 units). It's clear with the flyer that they have an algorithm that will provide you a little bit of anything but still with a 'focus of skincare'.

Now a little bit about each item

  • Purse: cute but not great quality. It comes with that plastic smell.

  • Glam Glow Mask: hype product on Instagram so that made sense (they want you to post about the mask + tag them, I know what that marketing team is thinking ;))

  • Blaq: charcoal under eye mask - I haven't tried it so I can't comment on it personally. Amazon Review: 4.4/5

  • Spongelle: body soap buffer to help exfoliate

  • Furterer Paris: Hair Mask - I like it!

  • Pier1: Three pottery bowls (Blue, Pink and Green). I didn't ask for house ware so this was a random item.

  • Mark & Graham: scarf/throw - most people received this, it's not of a great quality, but could be nice for a picnic. I'm afraid the strings would pull easily though - that's usually the risk with these items.

  • Thrive Highlighter: I'm not a huge highlighter user but I'm going to give this a try. I didn't say I liked highlighter in my make up questionnaire so I was confused why I received this item.

  • Kate Sommerville: Intensive Exfoliating Treatment - I tried this! Not sure if I'm completely sold on this product, but I love their other products so I'm a bit bias and lenient.


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