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Elegance is The Beauty That Never Fades

Ever wonder how to keep it classy while still looking sexy? This dress is the perfect combination!

The print of this Armani Exchange dress makes sure to hide any curves you’re unwilling to show off, while still showing off the smaller part of your core; your waist!

You’re able to show off your legs, and the silhouette of your fabulous body! The sheer under lay of the dress, keeps the sexy affect going. This dress is made out of silk, making it super cool if you’re worried about the sleeves.

These mixed trend heels from Aldo will make sure to accentuate your legs. You can also change it to booties for the fall and add tights.

These statement earrings of Nasty Gal were the perfect edge to add. Ring is from Coach and it's only on my ring finger because I’m clearly married to Armani Exchange (there’s definitely a love triangle between A.X., BCBG and moi). 

I absolutely adore the contrast of red against the black & white of the dress. Lipstick from Sephora is poppin’ red. Keeping a classic cat eye look with MAC eyeliner. I like to add white shimmer to the inner side of my eyes to make my eyes looks more AWAKE and draw attention.

There’s something mysterious & screams confidence about a red lip.


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