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Cozy Sweater Weather

This is the perfect warm over-sized sweater that will keep your stylish, as well as comfortable.

Often baggy sleeves on sweater will bother me, which is why I choose a tighter sleeve for 3/4 of the way then keeping it a looser fit.

When I wear over-sized sweaters I like to have something comfy underneath; I opted for Buffalo Bitton leggings with a strip of leather on the side.

With chokers now trending, I wanted to take a different take on it and get something more bold hence this gold plated BCBG choker. You’re able to make it tighter or looser if you want it more as a necklace.

This is the perfect combination for a comfortable chic look.

Sweater by Josephine Faye // Leggings Buffalo Bitton // Necklace by BCBG


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