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Confidence: Wear It Like Make Up

Updated: May 6, 2020

Applying make up is all about making circles with your brush, especially for the base, which includes your foundation, concealer and poweder.

Here are the rules of the eyes to make them pop:

  • Purple goes great with hazel and green eyes, it really makes them pop, especially dark purple.

  • For blue eyes use earth-tone colors, or if you want to do a color try a rose based color.

  • Brown eyes can get away with almost any color, if you really want to go outside of your comfort zone, try dark green or pink eyeshadow.

  • You can wear brown eyeshadow, with brown eyes but with blue eyes, wearing blue eyeshadow would be a no-no.

Try to keep your clothing and eyeshadow in the same color family, or at least a complimentary family!

You should have 3 colors for your eyeshadow, your base, your in-between color then the crease which is the darker color. I usually add a white shimmer in my inner eye, as well as under my brow to make them pop!

Naked 3 palette was used for the base of the color, then we used 88Original Palette for the in-between and crease purple color. Eyeliner from Stila, super fine with a glossy finish – absolutely love it!

We put fake eyelashes on which was my first time. They felt weird at first, but I got used to them and then they felt non-existent. They’re from Ardell, the Natural collection, they make lashes look long but still natural.

Since I had some color on my eyes I wanted to keep things neutral on my lips so I picked out an Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain in Pink Coral. The sparkle is effortless.

Finishing touches included shimmer powders on the cheeks that looks amazing for making the skin look like it's glowing; it’s very red carpet glamorous – don’t forget it!

Make up by Natalie Kleijn

Shop the look here:


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