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Character is Everything

Anyone that is visiting L.A. HAS to go to Universal Studio. It is so different from Disneyland, the characters are so much fun to see! If you don’t know or haven’t realized it, I have a slight obsession with minions, they make me oh-so-happy. My yellow toes are dedicated to them, seriously though. The rides are very different from Disneyland, they are thrilling and have some kind of a water theme because 90% of the rides end up squirting water in your face (just great -.-). If you do encounter Dracula, he is frightening, he breathes in your neck and rubs his scruffy beard on your neck (not sexy). I do recommend the Animal Show, they show you trained animals that are seen in movies, they give the animals a lot treats, all I could think of is: “how are these animals not chubs with all the treats they eat”. My days are full of smiles.

Post coming up soon with details about the outfit I wore.


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