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Challenge Yourself

The Latest Scoop is a pop shop that ‘pops up’ on Granville Street twice a year!

Auntie & I decided to go on a lunch date at Luke’s with some great fish tacos, then ‘pop over’ to The Latest Scoop.

Thank god for auntie Snickers who picked out this dress. This is a versatile dress that you can wear from winter to summer, because of the material + you have the option to roll up the sleeve.

It’s important to challenge your inner fashionista. We all have one inside.

When people watching, I often envy outfits. It usually happens when I see a piece of clothing I believe I couldn't pull off but I think it comes down to confidence.

Every day you wake up in a particular mood – girly, simple, sporty, maybe it depends on what kind of dreams you had (I really don’t know, taking a wild guess behind my screen).

My goal is to persuade you into moving out of your comfort zone and eventually start wearing the pieces you once envied.

Tip of the day: Become the woman you dream to be by challenging yourself & you’ll succeed. I dare you.

Dress from Naked Zebra // Neckalce from Aldo // Tight from Gap // Shoes from The Bay


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