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Cannon Beach – Oregon Coast

Updated: May 6, 2020

A beautiful place only 6 hours away. You’re probably like “what do you mean only 6 hours? That’s like 1/4 of my day!”

Think about it: six hours and you’re in the cutest small town with an amazing beach, a mind-blowing looking rock, and there you are on vacation!

The road down is gorgeous, and there are other beaches to explore. OH! & on the way up, you can drop by Portland for some cheap shopping too.

Anyways these are my favorite pattern pants as they are silky soft, comfortable, full of pattern (perfect to hide under) but not colorful. I’m wearing them right now (what a coincidence hah).

The long-sleeve jean shirt is the solution when you don’t know what to wear. You can button it up or let the breeze blow the sides away. As for the flip flops, they are a must when you are on the beach. You want an easy way to get rid of all of the sand under your feet! I've linked below some sandals styles I have and love.

This is a great casual, sunny lunch date look!

Jean Long-Sleeve Shirt from Mango // Pants from Armani Exchange // Tank from Banana Republic // Shades from J Crew

Links of dupes below!

Summer Basics you need to have:

Jean Shirts: I know that we love different shades of blue for our jean jackets so I've curated different style that I love and thought you might like too!

Best part: sandals & flip flops!


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