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Blue Days Don’t Need to Make You Feel Blue

You know when you look outside your window and see the grey clouds and all you’re thinking about is “I should just stay in bed today, this is not even worth it” then you end up getting out of bed grumpy.

Then you think to yourself “Challenge #2, what am I supposed to wear?” Comfy sweater that isn’t too warm but will still keep you warm.


Now I could’ve kept the necklace out of this but since I like to keep things a little interesting & feminine, I added this bolt diamond necklace.

Denham has added a great edge and multipurpose for this jacket. This company has captured the Vancouverites needs for a in-between vest (the company is based in Amsterdam).

I love my fur cheetah print shoes and I'm assuming they repel water since they are made out of cow fur (they have so far, just in case you were wondering).

Jacket from Denham // Casual Buttom-Up from Club Monaco // Necklace from Aldo // Shoes from Steve Madden // Pants from Topshop

Now I am going to persuade you to start drinking coffee with a PAPER straw (if possible), or any liquid for that matter: 

#1 When you’re wearing lipstick – it won’t smudge over the lid or edge

#2 Apparently it'll help keep your teeth looking white

#3 Enjoy reenacting your childhood

#4 I love the stares people give me like “what is she doing with that straw.. is she actually going to drink her coffee like that?” it makes me smile. I'm wondering "why do people waste their time judging?".

My goal in this world would be for people to realize that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to get weird stares. Just smile back and know that this is just you.

Most of the times when I’m taking pictures for my blog, people look at me from their car and sometimes even laugh. I can either feel insecure and be embarrassed OR I can wave, smile and let them know I can see them too.

Don’t take it personally. Just another problem in society.


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