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70's Baby

Okay I’m throwing it back to summer fun madness because I am missing the sun and found these pictures randomly so I thought it was meant to be!

First of all, let’s talk about this romper – it is the best thing to just throw on when you don’t know what to wear and when it’s SO hot outside. It’s simple, cool texture, keeps you cool, and super easy to put on (except when you need to go to the washroom - but that comes with the 'fun' part of rompers, right?).

Z brought me on an adventure to Main Street in Vancouver which is basically filled with coffee shops, hipster stores, thrift stores, cool furniture stores.

So. Many. Cool Stores!

We love to visit Front & Company because half the store is thrift items and the other is local brands. They have a lot of ‘Main Street items’ such as vegan brands and products – & I mean I support the vegan train but we also need to acknowledge that ‘vegan leather’ is most of the time plastic which is great that we are re-purposing plastic but we also need to be careful of what we wear on our skin.

I wish companies were more transparent about what they put in their products and what kind of chemicals they use to make this vegan leather.

Now get yourself a romper on sale now that the winter clothes are coming & I look forward to seeing it on you #Summer2019

Romper – Aritzia // Necklace from Banana Republic // Shoes from Superga x Sandro Paris


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