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Selfie From Hell

In grade 6 & 7 I had an obsession with scary movies, I'm not sure why because it would scare the life out of me every. single. time! My dad would accompany us to watch 14A rated movies just so that we could go see the latest scary movie.

In grade 8 I decided I would never watch a scary movie again and moved on to comedy + romance instead.

When IndustryWorks Studios came to me about promoting their latest in-house production and what their vision was for marketing content, I completely understood what they wanted because I understood the demographic they were targeting since that was me!

During the roll out of the movie, I was also working alongside the company that was booking all of the theatres which was extremely helpful because I knew all of the updates in real time (where it was booked and where to target the ads).

I created a thorough proposal with the strategies, tactics and a budget.

A list of some of the items I executed for the Canadian theatrical release May 4th, 2018:

  • manage social media content (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram)

  • create social media ads (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat)

  • provide support the booking agent and publicist in regards to the messaging

  • produce social media ads data report

  • manage theatre ticket + t-shirt giveaways

  • design content for social media

  • reviews management

  • create website content for SEO purposes


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